Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hafla and pictures!

The Circle of Rhiannon Hafla was wonderful!! It was an hour's drive for myself and my husband, but it was worth it. We were the first ones there and while I was getting ready with the finishing touches on my make-up, my husband was drafted into helping set up a few things.

Then some of the others in my class arrived and we hung out while helping each other get ready with costuming, make up suggestions, and just gossip.

There was a live band that was set up in one corner of the studio and they were a lot of fun to listen to. My parents drove three hours to come watch me, and another two friends showed up as well. *laughs* My girlfriend had her first experience with henna and was worried that it would take hours to dry. The dance went smoothly, and no one noticed that I messed up three times, one of those times I forgot how to do a Mya step!

Now, on to the pictures!

Asyia, Tazzy, Mo, and Courtney 03/10/12
From left to right is Asyia, myself, Mo, and Courtney. It was funny because it was easy to spot the girls in our class as we were the only ones wearing cover-ups. *giggles* Zattana has it drilled into us that scarfs ar enot a cover.

Thursday Evening Class 03/10/12
Front row is Zattana, me, and Mo. Back row is Yoriko, Courtney, and Asyia. This was the ending pose of Filii Nedhardi with the only difference being we took our zills off.

Posing at the Hafla 03/10/12
My outfit. *grins* It was interesting to put together because I was wandering through stores asking myself "What would Abernathy wear?" as Abernathy is the only Tribal dancer that sticks out in my mind.