Thursday, April 18, 2013

Another update, finally

I feel like I'm updating once a month only. I'll try to get better with it, but when I only put a stitch or three in once a week if that, it doesn't seem worth it to update frequently. However! I have been working with my dad to create a large stitching box for my active WIPs and my miscellany stitching bits like needles, beads, hoops, and krenik.

This is the box as I had helped him build it. We had a blast working in his wood shop.

It was originally going to have 8 drawers and a 2" deep lid to hold my bits, but we discovered that the pocket screws would interfere with the bottom two drawers so we had to flip things, resulting in a large drawer at the top for stitchery things and the 8 drawers with "hidden" compartments on the bottom for anything I want to put there.

This is the box with my dad fooling around one day.

I know, you're going "But I count *5* drawers on each side! Not 4!" That's because that bottom panel isn't a drawer. The thin bits of board are the bottoms of the drawers.

The drawers aren't done, still needing assembly as well as knobs and the side handles put on it, but over all, that's what my stitchery box will look like when done.