Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Been forever I know

Yes, I'm alive.

Yes, everyone's still alive.

The toddler is now in preschool.

And this is what's been taking up most of my time: A Night Off and A New Dress.

Yes, I have a story published, and I'm very excited because it will be the first of many, I hope. I still cross stitch, crochet, and belly dance whenever I get a chance to get back to it (which unfortunately is far and few between times), and I've recently added knitting to my resume.

Not sure when I'll be able to post pictures of things I've done, but you've probably noticed the bio and picture has changed. That's because I've started a second blog for my writing. The Kingdom Crier is going to be a bit more rambling than this one and will update more frequently, probably about once a week. So, if you're interested in my writings and ramblings, that's the blog to follow. If you want to continue with my craftings, then I'll do my best to get a post up sooner or later for you on this one.

Take it easy everyone!!