Monday, May 28, 2012

So very late.....

I am really sorry to everyone who follows my blog for not posting for a month! May just vanished between working, doctor's appointments, and getting ready for the Patriotic Freedom Festival here. But the time was well spent because Troup Roja and the Thursday Night class rocked the festival! yeslamfinishpff This is us doing Yeslam Galbak as choreographed by Ruby Gesire and modified by Zattana Al-Naseem. veilpff-1 Me doing some veil work during the improv section of the performance. There was this cute old man in a wheelchair at our second performance. He started out near the back but quickly moved himself forward to the front. He'd clap along and whenever one of us would dance near him, he'd give us this huge grin and an 'okay' sign. Afterwards, he told one of the ladies that he moved close because he was hard of hearing. *laughs* She responded that she thought he just enjoyed our dancing. Now on to the stitching. *laughs* First up is the kalediscope for my youngest neice. abbywipmay It's a quick easy thing and is coming right along. I'm going to be filling in the blank space in the center with white thread to make it look all uniform. babyblanketsilmay The other thing that's been taking up my time. It's a traveling baby blanket 'cause it's the right sixe to fit in a carseat without miles of blanket to contend with. This one is for my SiL's second child who's about ready to show up any day now. bacchushelping-1 And once more, Bacchus is helping me stitch by making sure my stitching basket doesn't fly off..... unfortunately, I can't get to any of the thread now. Oh well.

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