Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Change in TUSAL this time

I swear, June just vanished on me. I may have gotten a couple of stitches in my kaledescope project done, but nothing was added to my TUSAL jar. Unless you count me dropping it to spill all the threads and my cat getting into it before I could rescue it, thus creating a mess. *laughs* Good news is that I'm going to start working on a commisssion wedding announcement for a lady who came into the store the other day. It's going to be interesting as I've never done a commission piece before. I'm just glad she was reasonable and didn't insist on the wedding piece with the ribbon embroidery since I have no idea how to do ribbon embroidery yet. It's not something I've had a chance to learn, and I don't know anyone around here that could teach me so if I do end up learing, it's going to be me, a book, a lot of ribbon, and youtube trying to figure out how to do this stuff. So no ORT picture this time, but I'll start again once I start on that samplet since I'll have stuff to add to my jar then.....

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