Monday, February 11, 2013

A February Update

Yes, I'm a bad blogger. I apologize to everyone who follows my blog about the lack of updates and posts, but I feel kinda silly updating when there's very little progress. As to why there's little progress, well...

Let's just say someone's favorite napping spot is on Momma, and it's kinda hard to stitch with a Sharp Pointy Needle when there's a sleeping baby on your chest.

But I have had a little progress.

Four Heavenly Beasts has a few more stitches in it. SOrry 'bout the blurry photo.

Oak Island Mystery is slowly progressing. Got a bit more of the stone done.

And my TUSAL Jar...

Again, not much in there, and I decided to smash the threads down to see how much I could build it back up again.


sharine said...

My little ones used to love sleeping like that. She is cute. Nice stitching:)

Claire said...

Sooo cute.

Pam in IL said...

A sleeping baby on momma's chest is way more special than stitching. She's not going to be sleeping there when she gets older, so enjoy the special closeness now. You can always pick up a needle when she starts school, lol.

She's precious!