Saturday, September 7, 2013

An update, I hope

I just realized that I haven't updated in a while. Part of this is because my daughter's almost 9 months old and she's been keeping me on my toes. Another reason is that my old phone decided to overheat in an attempt to set my jeans on fire (not really but it was uncomfortable). So, I had to get a new phone that wasn't a so-called Smartphone.

To make matters even more fun, while I wasn't looking, Picasa, where I had went after Photobucket decided to act like a spaz, decided to change and now I have no idea how to add photos or if this will even work. So, here goes.

Last picture:

Latest picture:

As you can see, a lot more has been done to the December Fairy that will be my daughter's birth sampler.

I've also started two new patterns. One is a ship sampler for my father and the other is Mirabillia's Persephone.

This is the start of the sampler.

And the dozen stitches in Persephone.

and finally:

Three little guilty pleasures.

The first is a tombstone with two ravens, the second is a little Drac, and the third is an apple. I plan on making hair decorations out of them since I don't need magnets nor do I wear broaches too much.

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Parsley said...

Love the fabric you are using!