Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Small update

Just a small update since I haven't posted since earlier this month. Wow, where does the time go?

Managed to hit two belly dance classes this month, with last Thursday being the last one. We started learning a neat drum solo number that seems complicated until Zattana started breaking it down for us. *laughs* Then it was pretty easy. At least the first little bit I learned. I unfortunately am going to be missing belly dance class for at least two weeks if not a month for the simple reason that what I thought was either food poisoning or a stomach bug over the weekend turned out to be my gallbladder acting up enough that it needed to be removed. So, yeah. No belly dancing while the belly's still recovering from emergency surgery.

It honestly wasn't that bad. The surgeon and nurse both said that it was normally an outpatient procedure, but since I arrived via the ER (after hitting Urgent Care to see why that spot on my abdomen was still sore when everything else felt fine and the doc there told me to head to the ER so they could verify it was only my gallbladder and not appendicitis.) the hospital admitted me for the night, put me on fluids and antibiotics, and the next morning, my gallbladder was removed. My parents were worried about me (they live about two hours away), but I knew they were all right with the surgery when they showed up last night and my mom joked about "ranging shots" when she saw the three little incisions from the laparoscopic surgery. I'm doing all right, not doing any stitching at the moment because the pain killers make me a bit light headed when they kick in and I don't want to miss count anything. (They're the same ones prescribed back when I gave birth so I know they're good and non-addictive. Plus I only have to take them on an 'as needed' basis.)

Hopefully, I'll heal up quick and I'll be back to shaking my tail feathers and stitching up a storm.


sharine said...

Best wishes and good luck:)

Tiki said...

Get well soon!

missy-tannenbaum said...

Wow, I'm so glad they caught that and got it taken care of! Feel better soon!