Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Small Labor Day update

Well, I was going to upload pictures but Photobucket's being a pain with their matienance going on, so pictures will have to come later.

First off, I managed to get even more of the skirt done on the commission wedding piece, but best of all.... the butt bow is done! It needs backstitching but it's done! Now I can adjust the skirt shades in and around it to fill as needed. Woohoo!!! (Mainly because I can't take the time to tear everything out to redo the entire thing to locate the stitches I've lost/gained in the skirt.)

Next, I've worked a bit more on my Mill Hill kit "Moonlit Kitties" and true to form, I managed to pick up a stitch somewhere so that's going to be a bit of adjusting there. *shrugs* Ah well. It wouldn't be one of my pieces if I didn't have a stitching mistake somewhere in it. *laughs* I've also started another Mill Hill kit. This one I'm gonna have to be really careful with as it's called "Haunted Mansion" and it's a picture of a haunted house complete with Glow in the Dark thread. *grin* It looks really fun even if it's going to drive me nuts with the stitching.

Now a fun stitching story. I work at a little Mom'n'Pop craft store. A couple of months back, I had a customer come in to brouse our Oriental patterns and she commented that she had some cross stitch kits that had never gotten off the ground because she wasn't sure exactly how to start them and complete them. I told her at that time that if she ever wanted, come back in when I'm working and I'd give her a free cross stitch lesson. (One of the other employees apparently had been less than helpful with the advice of "You just make an X with the thread.") Well, she called today to see if I was in and if I had time to help her. I told her to bring her new kit in, and I'd explain what I did, and she could modify that to her tastes. So, she brought her kit in, and I gave her about ten minutes worth of advice as well as a quick demonstration on this kit I had purchased for just such a thing. She was very grateful and I told her to feel free to give me a call or stop in when I was working and I'll be happy to help her out at any time. She promised she would, if only for the backstitching.

So, I'm glad I got to introduce someone to cross-stitching basics, and I hope she has a great deal of fun with her new hobby.

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sharine said...

Can't wait to see that glow in the dark thread:)