Monday, December 3, 2012

Have to share.

As I have time off from work, I've decided to dedicate a lot of my time to stitchery stuff. So first up is a pleasantly piratical gentleman:

The green will have a half stitch of glow in the dark fillament over it, but at least now you can see what will "glow" and is part of the "mystery" of Oak Island.

Next, I have to share this because it's cute!

See, my little boy Bacchus decided there was something outside the window that he had to see Right Now! when he hopped up on my computer desk. I was expecting him to stel around my TUSAL jar like usual but instead, he stepped in it, resulting in this:

A pawprint among the threads *snickers*. So, my threads have been smashed down by a well meaning kitty cat. Of course, this is the same cat that managed to pull my lid off of my stitching box. The lid was open and he decided he wanted to get up on my desk via the box. So he jumped up on the lid. I was expecting it to close, but he managed to snag it in just a way that it popped the screws holding the lid on that were under the fabric out of the plywood/cardboard-like material it is made out of. I'm just very thankful he didn't flip the whole thing over as it is situated next to a furnace grate. I really didn't want to lose my needle threaders or beads down that.


sharine said...

The pirate sound very interesting:) Naughty pussy cat:)

Dani - tkdchick said...

That pirate sounds pretty cool!