Saturday, January 19, 2013

Very Little Stitching

One month into motherhood and I'm slowly getting my life adjusted around her requirements and demands. Many days, the ony time she'll sleep for any length of time is when she's sleeping on my chest, or propped against my chest on my desk. But how can I refuse her when she looks so cute?

Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't get some stitching done. It just takes a bit of finangaling as well as a request for the husband to watch the baby a bit while I get a few stitches in. But I have been stitching!

Got a lot done on Oak Island, but that's not that difficult when it's large patches of color, which are wonderfully mindless to stitch when I'm tired or need to relax without straining my eyes or brain.

Four Heavenly Beasts is very slow going, but I now have a fourth color in the group. It may not look it but there's black, dark brown, navy blue, and a gray all in that section.

Sea Goddess is another one that's slow going only because I'm taking my time and savoring every stitch in it. One thing I don't understand is kits like this coming with 14 count fabric when the pattern includes half, quarter, and three quarter stitches. Why not include a 28 count instead to make things easier? I'd be willing to pay a bit extra for such a convenience.

My TUSAL jar. I smashed the threads down to make more room 'cause I wanna see how long it takes me to fill the jar up. I'll probaby toss some threads out come springtime for the birds to decorate their nests with them, or I may keep filling up the jar as it. Dunno yet.

and I found a wonderful woman who does beautifu hand dyed fabric on Facebook. It's Under the Sea Fabrics, and the prices are reasonable for both opaline and plain dyed fabrics. There was a gift exchange on one of my facebook groups and these are the two pieces I recieved:

This is called "Mermaid's Sea" and I'm going to be stitching the HAED pattern for Jessica Galbrath's Kwan Yin on it. It's going to look stuning on this sparkling blue.

This was a custom request (and she's already had someone else ask for this color combo since I posted the picture of it.) and Jessica Galbrath's Persephone is going on this one. One of the really nice things that she did was edge the fabric with stitches so I don't have to worry about fraying or trying to edge the fabric myself. I'd highly recomend her fabric for anyone who wants to stitch on hand dyed fabrics.


sharine said...

She is such a cutie. My girls were like that early on preferring my chest to there cot to sleep. Beautiful stitching and those fabrics are lovely:)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your new daughter is beautiful!!!!! Amazing you're getting some stitching in too!!!

♥ Nia said...

ohhhhhh precious =)) how can you stitch at all??? :D LOL
Congratulations!! :D