Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend of stitchery!

I just spent a fabulous weekend stitching. But look at what I got done on the commission piece!


My apologies for the funky picture but my flash didn't wanna work so I ended up doing a small bit of photoshopping to actually *show* the picture itself. I am breaking one of my small, personal rules here about only doing all backstitching when the regular stitching is complete, but I got tired of losing the bottom of the dress there.

As for where all this work got done, that happened here:

Porch weekend 2

This is our second floor covered porch. It wasn't screened in when we bought the place, but considering Bacchus decided to jump from it to the front door porch roof one day and then into the dogwood right there the next time, I talked my dad into coming over one weekend and the two of us screened it in in a couple of hours. I then treated him to lunch at Cracker Barrel.

You can just see my two "helpers" in this picture. Sephiroth is partially hidden behind the pattern on its metal board while Bacchus is sitting on the far side of the table. *grins* They're esctatic to keep me company out there since it's the closest they come to getting outside.

There's only a card table and folding chairs out there right now, plus some extra screening and some bits of wood that have to go out into the garage, but I'm hoping to get a nice picnic table out there with chairs that don't turn your butt numb after a couple of hours.

Also, if anyone goes back to look at my older posts, they will notice that my finished pictures are missing. That's because I've moved them to their own album and am going to see about making a slideshow out of them on the side. I've seen that on other blogs and it looks really neat.


sharine said...

Great stitching.What a great Dad!

McKenna C. said...

It looks great!

Tama said...

I love your porch! I wish I could do that to my front porch but then the stray kitties couldn't eat from the dish I leave for them :C
Your stitching is going SO FAST!