Monday, April 2, 2012

An announcement!

*trumpets blow* *pretty girls and boys dance down the street, throwing flower petals weverywhere*

I am delighted to announce that after two false starts and a complete redo, Beware of Zombies is....

beware finished

beware detail top
a bit of detail at the top.

I tried to fill the black bits in with white (save for the center around the letters) and the white completely faded into the gray thread. I offered my friend two choices: consider this finished as is, or I'd redo it with a darker gray and add the white in. She decided she liked it as is.

So next up, I'm going to work on something for me as well as something for my nephew. For me, it's going to be Royalty from HAED, and for my nephew, The Oak Island Mystery which I'm hoping he'll get a kick out of.


missy-tannenbaum said...

Oh, that looks really cool! Congratulations on getting this done, and good luck on your next project! I love how this looks on the black fabric, it seems appropriately foreboding.

Sue said...

Love your Beware of Zombies. It looks great on the black fabric. I've just gone and grabbed the pattern. is good.