Thursday, January 5, 2012

Last nights dance lessons

Last night was my first night of begining belly dance, followed by my usual choreography class. The reason why last night was my first night of begining belly dancing is because when I started dancing back in October, the class I joined was a choreography class, and Zattana let me stay on as well as some others who joined the class later. So last night was Zattana's first begining lesson.

She was very thorough in explaining things even though she only taught four moves, but then we did an impromptu choreography where she called out the moves and we followed along. *grins* that was a lot of fun. My right arm and shoulder was giving me fits because I had spent a couple hours that afternoon scrubbing plastic bags of markers (I work at a craft store and the bags are what the bolts of cross stitch fabric go into so I was 'erasing' the old fabric counts as best as I could). So more than once, especially when we were learning snake arms, I had to stop and get my shoulder to loosen back up.

After that was the choreography class - which she has changed to invitation only. We've been doing this tribal fusion number that's a lot of fun even if the zills trip me up. Most of the time, I'm just wearing the zills instead of playing them 'cause I'm concentrating more on what my feet and body are doing instead of what my hands are. We ran over our time, but it was worth it and I'm thoroughly enjoying this dance.

Now if I can only lose the spare tire around my waist....

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