Friday, January 13, 2012

Should have thought this through....

I decided to start a HAED pattern to break up the monotone of the "Beware of Zombies" pattern as it is in silver and white on black fabric. After paging through my HAED patterns, I decided to start with Royalty by Adele Lorienne Sessler. A truly beautiful piece with an elven lord doing up his hair for the Court.

Only, I had not thought about one little (okay large) detail about the picture in question.

Specifically, the large, solid monotone black border around said picture.

*grins* In other news, here's what I have done of it so far!

Royalty 1-13-12

I have the pages in sheet protectors in a small 3-ring binder, and I'm using a dry erase marker to mark the stitches done. *smirks* When I get finished with the page, I can just take a tissue to it and wipe it clean for the next time.

Also, just in case I missed it, here's my TULSA jar:

TULSA jar Jan.

it's a bit fuzzy because I was too close when I took the picture. Ah well. Here's hoping next month's will be better.

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