Saturday, February 11, 2012

Belly dancing from Thursday

*laughs* Sorry I didn't update this yesterday, but (to go slightly off blog topic here) my mom got free tickets to see the Blue Man Group yesterday and invited me and my hubby. We had a blast!

Now on to the belly dance lessons from Thursday. *giggles* In the Begining Technique class, there were four of us and all of us were from the Intermediate Class. Two showed up because they had plans later in the evening and couldn't make the Intermediate class. So we drilled the one choreography to a song called Zeina by composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and that was a lot of fun because when I showed up to start classes, the Intermediate class had already learned about a half to three fourths of it so I was playing catch up. After doing that for about half the class, we drilled in zill patterns, mainly threes and clunks, whild doing hip figure eights. With the threes, they were horizontal eights, and for me, those are tricky because the pattern is right left right, then start again on the right hand when you want to go left right left. Tricky but once I get it down, I should be good. For the clunks, they were vertical eights with the hips, and Zattana said that if you weren't use to them and were doing them with the muscles, you would feel it in the morning. Boy was she right! I had this vertical line from my diaphram to my belly button that ached all day long yesterday, but I took that as a good sign.

Then for the Intermediate class, agan four of us were there, but one was the lady from the Beginner class. So we drilled one of the tricky moves for the Filii Nedhardi composition that we were calling the Kitty Attack. It's a tricky move because it's a sort of lunge forward then twist back around with a chest drop followed by another lunge and twist with a pelvic tuck. Hard to describe but neat to watch.

Zattana mentioned that if I want to perform Zeina with the group in May, then I should see about getting a cabaret-style belly dance outfit, and I'd love to, but they can be rather expensive! However, I do have my eye on this verly lovely gold and silver bra and belt set at Dahlal International and I hope I can get enough money to spare to pick it up.

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Anthea Kawakib Poole said...

I'm sure you could sew a nice starting costume, have you thought about that? I've seen lovely bras & belts made from hip scarves! My students are always telling me about the cheap scarves they got on ebay!