Monday, February 6, 2012

WIPockalypse check in for February

I didn't get much done this month due to various stresses that decided to pop up and take over but I got a bit done.

A bit more on Beware of Zombies

Beware Feb

and started a new one, Oak Island Mystery: Pirate Treasure. This is for my nephew 'cause he likes pirates.

Oak Island Feb

When it's completely done, I'll show you the 'treasure' that's built into it.


Ziggyeor said...

Nice progress and cool start. I hope the nephew likes it.

Topcho said...

Beware of zombies looks great and I'm pretty curious for your new start so I'll be waiting to see more of it :D

robindefender said...

Any progress is progress, right? I'm looking forward to seeing the zombie piece progress along, however slowly. ; )

sharine said...

Can't wait to see the treasure. Great update.

Joyus said...

Lovely projects and great progress :D

Lija said...

well done, keep up the good stitching.