Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bouncing Belly on Thursday Nights!

Tonight was fun if tiring *laughs*, but then I'm finding that two hours of dancing with a fifteen minute break between is a workout and a half.

In the begining class, it was body rolls up, body rolls down, chest vertical figure eights, shoulder pushes, shoulder shimmies, shoulder rolls, and hip double pops. It was a very busy class today but it was all fun. Then at the end, we all formed a circle and did some improv dancing, and after a few steps, my brain locked up, leaving me doing hip pops in a circle 'cause I couldn't remember any other step. *laughs* It was fun even if a bit surreal at that point. We also went over more of the Zeina choreography, and there are plans to perform it in the upcoming months!

In the Choreography class, we wre drilling Filii Nedhardi almost nonstop, trying to get the attitude down along with the moves. It's a bit tricky because I really don't have an arrogant or forceful personality, and in this one, I need one like that. Then, we started working on this new choreography that's a lot of fun. Or it will be when I can get my pelvis rocking back and forth while my shoulders are shimmying.

Also, to those in the Dayton, Ohio area, there is some upcoming shows that my class is possibly going to be dancing at. A couple are going to be fundraisers but others are going to be for showing off. I'll keep everyone posted as I get more information on definite dates and times. The first one coming up is Saturday, March 10th in Hamilton, Ohio. It's going to be a hafla with a $5 door charge to help one of the dancer's daughters with the medical bills as she has a rare liver disease. The one after that is Friday, March 16th, at the Yellow Cab Club in Dayton, Ohio. Both are sorta iffy right now because Zattana has to talk to all of the girls before getting an idea if it's possible to put together enough for the dances that we have in our mental list.

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