Friday, March 2, 2012

Belly dancing from Thursday and a hafla fundraiser

First off, allow me to talk about the fundraiser as it's my first performance as a belly dancer. Circle of Rhiannon's 'Circle of Care' hafla is helping a young girl named Cassady Griffith who had just recieved a much needed liver transplant yesterday afternoon if I'm reading the comments right. If you're in the area next week, feel free to show up and watch my class and I as we dance.

Now on for the review of last night. *laughs* We got started a bit late in the Beginning class as the two of us students were pinning together a belt I'm making (Thank God for Stitch Witchery. It's about the only way I can sew something). Then we started learning about a three count hip shimmy before playing with that a lot. Zattana challenged us to use it during this one section of Zeina where we are doing a hip shimmy more for the challenge than anything else. After that, we drilled and learned new parts of Zeina. Now, normally, the class starts at about 6:30 pm and ends an hour later, giving all of us a fifteen minute break before the Advanced class comes in. Not last night. We were having so much fun dancing, it was 8pm before Zattana realized the time and quickly opened the classroom door for the other girls. *laughs*

In the Advanced class, we were doing Filii a lot as well as figuring out the ending pose as until last night we were just striking whatever pose we wanted when the music ended. Now we're getting serious. *laughs* After that, it was some more of the new song, but I admit, I was starting to drag at 8:45, especially since it looked like she wasn't stopping anytime soon. I think it was closer to 9:15 before we were finally done and cooled off.

A very long class, but damn it was fun!

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